Design for Social Innovation


PLACEMAT – Thesis project that visualizes community stories to make social resources more accessible, inspired by informational and entertaining American diner placemats. The first Placemat was created for Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Placemat was created through a several month process of gathering and sharing stories, organizing and visualizing key ideas, memories and neighborhood assets. Driven by community-sourced content and iterative design, Placemat explores new outreach methods for community action. Visit:


Designing change

REGARDING HUMANITY – Content development, design strategy, naming and identity for web portal. Fosters dialogue about ethical representation of people living in poverty with a goal of shifting toward greater accountability and respect in visual media. Click image below to enter the website.


Game design

COMB – Designed and produced strategic board game about honey bees. Game play involves chess-like moves across the board as players build their colony, avoid natural and human threats and fend off opposing bees. (See this blog post.)


REVERSE THE CURSE – Featured at Come Out and Play Festival: New York City, 2013 – Invented an engaging “street game” that combines playground favorites (dodgeball, capture the flag and flag football) for a lively team-based game that disrupts gendered stereotypes of girls and boys. Players throw balls and steal flags, but since they have different ‘powers,’ cooperating across genders is necessary to win. Check out our trailer. Learn the rules here and follow on Twitter.


Mapping systems

Fundamentals of Social Innovation – poster to show cumulative course material. Click to download poster as PDF.