Mapping the Guinness brand evolution

Try mapping the content in a lengthy Wikipedia page. How do you recognize patterns, connections, causes and effects? How do you draw those relationships in a simple diagram? This was our assignment — to map the Guinness brand evolution as understood by it’s Wikipedia page.

Mapping this Wikipedia article was a fascinating exercise in learning to map a story, since the articles are thematically organized yet accumulative in information. Seeking threads that connect disparate aspects or events, allowing yourself to “choose your own adventure” and click through your self-selected story, and close-reading the page for intentional brand-related language — all exercises in systems thinking and storytelling though mapping and modeling.

We first shared our own paths through the Guinness story, like this one.

Guinness path

Here’s my group’s presentation.

Final Guinness PDF_Page_1

Final Guinness PDF_Page_2

Final Guinness PDF_Page_3

Final Guinness PDF_Page_7


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